Hermes Kelly Mini Pochette Black Swift Palladium Hardware 2019


Description ::

One of our favorites from Hermes... A perfect sized Kelly Mini in classic black. Other than Gold, the other all-time fave color for ladies looking for their first Hermes, is Black. Suited for all occasions, versatile with any style of clothes, this is the timeless fashion color.

The charm of Swift leather has its origins in its characteristics of a unique soft texture and attractive leather. Crafted from soft calfskin, the leather is an epitome of premium quality with its delicate finish and serves to accentuate a look which is reminiscent of feminine curves and the beauty of silhouettes.

Hardware: Palladium
Color: Black
Closure: Spindle
Material: Swift Leather
Condition: Store Fresh
Collection: 2019, D
Height: 5" Width: 8.45" Depth: 2.75"