Hermes Kelly 32 Sellier Rouge Vif Ardennes Gold Hardware


Description ::

A stunning example of the classic Kelly 32cm in Ardenne leather...

Why we love Ardenne - Vachette Grainee des Ardennes is a processed pressed leather crafted from a Malf Calf raised in the Adrenne region (Northern France to Southern Belgium). Ardennes leather is very sturdy and holds its shape surprisingly well, complete with thick pressed grains and a slight sheen. Vache Ardennes is quite thick and structured (it does not slouch or flop) and is water and scratch resistant. It does not have a "soft" feeling like Clemence and the grains are slightly raised. Many Hermes collectors consider this leather to be a "work horse" and can stand the test of time, but the dye is prone to fading over time. This leather is very hard to find and is no longer in production. Vache Liegee replaced Ardennes leather. Condition: Store Fresh, older stamp.

32cm: 32x23x10.5cm 12.5"x9"x4"
Condition: Pristine
Hardware: Gold
Material: Ardennes Leather