Hermes Kelly 28 Sellier Black Box & Vibrato Leather Palladiu


Description ::

Vibrato is a very unique vintage material that Hermes discontinued over ten years ago. The graphic multi-colored stripes of suede are created by stacking layers and layers of leather, and slicing the block into thin sheets revealing the pattern. This incredible technique was used at Hermes for many types of bags. Most Vibrato is colorful, though this 28cm Sellier Kelly is an unusual piece, done in all shades of gray black and white, framed with black box leather and palladium hardware; a touch of gray in a rainbow collection. While most Vibrato Kellys were constructed Retourne, this special piece is Sellier, giving the Vibrato panel a beautifully stitched frame. A twenty years old, this Kelly has been kept in great condition. The suede fibers of Vibrato get softer over time, and in this dark neutral any signs of age seemingly disappear into the pattern.

Sellier – “boxy, structured, rigid” — The Kelly Sellier has visible topstitching along the side seams and no exterior piping like the Retourne. The corners and edges are “sharper” contributing to a more boxy look. Compared the retourne, the craftsmanship of the Sellier is a little more difficult and requires more steps. The seams are topstitched together and bees wax is applied to the edges, which protects the bag from damage. Due to this method of construction, the Sellier appears larger than a retourne in the same size. Out of the two styles, the Sellier is more limited.

Color: Black & Vibrato 
Collection: 2000, D Square
Hardware: Palladium
28cm: 28x22x10cm 11"x8.5"x4"
Handle Drop: 3.5"
Material: Box & Vibrato Leather
Condition: Excellent
Note: Additional accessory strap available separately