Hermes Kelly 28 Retourne Etain Togo Gold Hardware


Description ::

One of our favorites from Hermès... The 28cm Kelly Etain grey with Gold Hardware. Introduced in the 2011 Autumn Winter collection, “Etain” refers to tin in French. This matte grey is easy to match to any scene and style.

Retourne refers to the inside stitching of the bag’s edges – observe the piping on the edges, you can see it’s as if has been sewn and then turned it inside out. This makes the bag a bit “softer” at the edges, and more flexible (there’s no piping on sellier Kellys).

Color: Etain
28cm: 28x22x10cm 11"x8.5"x4"
Hardware: Gold
Box, Lock, Keys, Accessories
Condition: Store Fresh
Stamp: X