Hermes Kelly 28 HSS Retourne Au Galop Beton & Multicolor Tog


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One of Hermes' recent collections of limited edition Kelly's featured exquisite multicolor handles crafted with geometric designs in a few different versions. This Kelly takes that collection a step further, as a special order horseshoe bag, with a unique Au Gallop handle done in three colors you won't see on any other Kelly handle! Beyond that, the bag has a custom shoulder strap with a zig-zag design to match the custom handle. All of this tops a 28cm Beton Togo Retourne Kelly with Palladium hardware for a subtle, exquisite, and entirely unique look. The Kelly handle is the hardest thing Hermes craftsmen make, and as such it is the first thing they are taught and must perfect before moving on to other parts of the bag. This makes the added craftwork required for these special bags even more astounding.

Condition: Store Fresh
28cm: 28x22x10cm 11"x8.5"x4"
Material: Togo Leather
Hardware: Palladium
Collection: D 2019