Hermes Birkin HAC 32 Black Box & Vibrato Leather Palladium H


Description ::

Vibrato is a very unique vintage material that Hermes discontinued over ten years ago. The graphic multi-colored stripes of suede are created by stacking layers and layers of leather, and slicing the block into thin sheets revealing the pattern. This incredible technique was used at Hermes for many types of bags. Most Vibrato is colorful, though this 32cm HAC Birkin is an unusual piece, done in all shades of gray black and white, framed with Gris Perle box leather and palladium hardware; a touch of gray in a rainbow collection. Small Vibrato HAC Birkins are very unusual, they’re typically only found in full the 35cm Birkin size. The handheld version of this century-old saddle bag is a favorite among Hermes collectors; the deeper body and shorter handles make for a Birkin that stands apart. Kept in exceptional condition, what we have here is truly an unusual find. This bag has a sophistication to it, stiffness and softness rendered together in effortless cool.

No other travel bag in the world is as exquisite as this handcrafted Hermès Birkin HAC bag. Extremely limited and extremely rare in white and Palladium hardware. This HAC is impossible to get at Hermes boutiques in this size.

Material: Box & Vibrato Leather
Color: Black & Vibrato
32cm: 12.5" L x 6.5" W x 10.5" H
Hardware: Palladium
Condition: Excellent