Hermes Birkin 40 Au Route du Monde Chocolate Gold Hardware J


Description ::

Our artist take on the classic Hermes design “Au Bout du Monde” (at the end of the world) and inspired by their recent “Endless Road” bags, is reimagined with a train cutting through the landscape representing the seeming lack of choice with regard to progress; ever forward. But it’s not clear whether this train is moving forward or backward, on the track it could as easily be either. And this “end of the world” pictured on the reverse, to or from which it’s going, is serene, natural, with but a touch of human presence. Which end is it? “Au Route du Monde” is a purposeful mistranslation roughly meaning “to the road of the world” without any mention of an end.

Work with our artists to give new life to your vintage, or new, Hermes Kelly and Birkin bags, and other bags. Make it truly unique and your own.

Brand: Hermes + JaneFinds Custom Shop
Custom Shop Design: "Au Route du Monde"
Hardware: Gold 
Country of Origin: France + USA
40cm: 16" W x 8" D x 11.25" H