Hermes Birkin 35 Matte Fauve Barenia Porosus Crocodile Palladium


Description ::

The equestrian heritage of Hermes is well known to collectors, and the material that connects most strongly to these roots is Barenia: a supple, smooth, warm tan leather that patinas like nothing else, and shows off the House’s quality of craft and materials to the highest degree. Always pushing to make their products as luxurious as possible, the Barenia effect is given to this 35cm Birkin, but here in Porosus Crocodile, the most luxurious and valuable skin used, and a particularly rare showing of matte porosus, a finish usually reserved for alligator... As the ultimate example of equine inspired luxury, this Birkin features the contrasting cream colored stitching used on Barenia leather bags, and warm gold hardware. Kept in very good condition for over ten years, this extremely rare bag is an exquisite example of Hermes at its finest.

Hardware: Palladium
Country of Origin: France
Color: Fauve Barenia
Material: Matte Porosus Crocodile
35cm: 14" W x 7.5" D x 10.75" H
Condition: Very Good
Collection: 2007, K Square