Hermes Birkin 35 HSS Fringe Soleil Togo & Multicolor Swift L


Description ::

There are special order Birkins, and then there are special order Birkins. This is the latter. Fringe Birkins are the next level of special order that is only offered to the top of the top tier of Hermes VIP clients. These bags become available so infrequently, most Hermes collectors have no idea they even exist. This 35cm example is done in vibrant Soleil Togo leather with three colors of Swift leather fringe: White, Sanguine, and Blue de Malte, topped with Palladium hardware. The fringe extends all the way down the body of the bag, creating fantastic fun movement when carried. This bag is a carnival in the crook of your arm, a party you can carry in your hand!

Investment Bag

Hardware: Palladium
Color: Fringe Soleil & Multicolor
Material: Togo & Swift Leather
Condition: Excellent
35cm: 14" W x 7.5" D x 10.75" H