Hermes Birkin 30 Denim & Blue Jean Gulliver Leather Gold Har


Description ::

Hermes has a long history of producing their luxurious bags in canvas editions, which not only makes the bags lighter, but also showcases the mastery of the atelier’s craftsmen. The denim Birkins are among the most coveted and hardest to find of all the canvas Hermes bags. This example is paired with matching Blue Jean Gulliver leather trim, making it an unusually cohesive Denim Birkin, most of which have Barenia trim. In 30cm with Gold Hardware it is even more special, a very cool piece from the late 1990’s that epitomises casual cool. At over 20 years old, this bag has been kept in exceptional condition, the denim as clean as when it first left France.

Condition: Excellent
Collection: 1999, C Square
Hardware: Gold 
Country of Origin: France
Closure: Clasp
Primary Material: Denim & Blue Jean Gulliver Leather
30cm: 12" L x 6.25" W x 9" H