Hermes Birkin 30 Deep Blue Togo Gold Hardware 2019


Description ::

Hermes is known for its colors, and with over 40 shades of blue under their belt, it's more often new shades come as adjustments to old variations, rather than something new all together. Then we got Deep Blue, a shade that is not quite like any other we’ve seen. It’s not so dark as to go along with the navys, it stays away from both green, and purple, it’s quite simply a deep blue. Unplaceable in nature, yet somehow very natural. The gold hardware brightens it up and contrasts the depth of the color, which is shown beautifully in Togo leather across this store-fresh 30cm Birkin.

Condition: Store Fresh
Color: Deep Blue
Size: 30cm
Hardware: Gold
Collection: D - 2019
Origin: France
30cm: 12" W x 6.25" D x 9" H