Hermes Birkin 25 White Epsom Rainbow Fizz Palladium Hardware


Description ::

This little bag started life out as a cloud, white and fluffy floating happily along. One rainy day he saw you walking below, bummed by the rain being thrown down by his buddies, so when the gray clouds were all spent, he went careening down to earth to cheer you up. On his way down he smashed through a fresh rainbow that had popped up after the rain and got little bits of rainbow juice all over himself. Feeling pretty cute, he decided not to wash off and brought his new rainbow fizz straight to you! One of one.

Work with our artists to give new life to your vintage, or new, Hermes Kelly and Birkin bags, and other bags. Make it truly unique and your own.

Brand: Hermes + JaneFinds Custom Shop
Custom Shop Design: "Rainbow Fizz" JaneFinds Theme
Hardware: Palladium
Material: Epsom Leather
Country of Origin: France + USA
Condition: Pristine
25cm: 10" W x 5" D x 8"H