Hermes Birkin 25 Sauge Swift Gold Hardware 2016, X


Description ::

Many collectors fall in love with Hermes through their perfectly balanced neutrals, but it's when the house dips this brush into colored pots that things get really interesting. Case in point: Sauge. A soft neutral green-gray produced for only one season, this hue perfectly captures its namesake herb, you can almost sense that cooling hint of mint, that soft earthy subtlety when you hold this bag. The Swift leather has a soft fluffy finish that again brings to mind the fuzzy leaves of the Sage plant. Warmed with gold hardware, this little 25cm Birkin from 2016 has been delicately cared for and is in exceptional condition, a small piece of the garden to bring along wherever you go!

Hardware: Gold
Color: Sauge
Handle Drop: 2.75"
Material: Swift Leather
25cm: 10" W x 5" D x 8"H

Condition: Excellent
Collection: 2016, X