Hermes Birkin 25 Cactus Swift Leather Palladium Hardware 2019,


Description ::

Lately Hermes has been coming up with some fantastic new shades of green. For a while, there weren’t many exciting options to choose from. This verdant renaissance we’re in now began with Cactus; a vibrant, excuse the phrase, Kelly green with sunny yellow undertones that glows like a proud photosynthesizing saguaro thriving in the harsh desert. This 25cm Swift Birkin is a little piece of that resilience for you to bring along wherever you go. A reminder of the beauty that comes from strife, not only for the majestic cactus, but also from the hardworking expert hands of the Hermes craftsman who created this beautiful bag less than a year ago.

Hardware: Palladium
Color: Cactus
Closure: Toggle
Handle Drop: 2.75"
Material: Swift Leather
25cm: 10" W x 5" D x 8"H

Condition: Store Fresh
Collection: 2019, D